Celebrations Made Easy With Our Italian Beef, BBQ Pork, & Roast Pork

Let Country Village Meats help make your graduation celebrations easy and tasty with our delicious Italian beef, BBQ pork, and roast pork. These favorites make meal planning or hosting your friends simple and easy. Our Italian beef is marinated for over 12 hours in a rich beef broth, slow roasted, sliced, tumbled with sweet bell peppers and banana peppers to yield an incredibly tender, moist, and flavorful beef.
Our BBQ pork starts with quality pork, slow roasted, sliced, and mixed with a bold BBQ sauce for a sweet, tangy flavor.
If you have your own special BBQ sauce than our roast pork is ideal for you. Slow roasted and sliced, simply mix our port with your favorite sauce for a quick and easy meal.
Everyone loves a hot tasty sandwich and with Country Village Meats’ Italian beef, BBQ pork, and roast pork serving up a delicious hot sandwich was never easier or tastier. For added convenience, we now package our Italian beef and BBQ pork in easy to handle plastic bins. Each bin holds about 4.5 lb. of Italian beef which serves 12-15 people and around 4 pounds of BBQ pork or roast pork which serves 12-14 people. Stop in today to pick some up.

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