Birds so Tasty Everyone Gobbles

We’re here to help make your Thanksgiving meal special and tasty. This year we’re offering 3 sources of turkeys and a capon option, so you find a bird that works for your holiday meal.

Looking to try a heritage breed bird?  We’ll offer a limited quantity of fresh Kentucky Bourbon Reds turkeys raised free range and organically fed by a local farmer.  These birds are this Mendota farmer’s first foray into raising these heritage birds, so you’ll support a local farmer bringing new options to our area.  Hens sized 10-12lbs and Toms 15-18lbs.  This farmer also has 2 commercial breed turkeys that should range 30-40lbs for anyone hosting a large gathering.

We also are taking orders for HOKA turkeys.  HOKA turkeys are pasture raised in DeKalb County from poults. Fed a diet of corn grown on the family farm. When time for processing, the birds are walked to the company’s processing facility avoiding the stress of transportation.  This unique life cycle produces an exceptionally tasty bird. Orders must be placed by November 19 to ensure one of these fresh birds. These birds are only available by special order and reserved just for you.

We will carry the Amish Brand turkeys as offered in years past.  These birds available fresh in a wide variety of sizes

For those who wish to serve a bird for Thanksgiving, but turkey is not your favorite, we have Capons.  These 7-9lb frozen specialty birds require ordering in advance to ensure availability.


Kentucky Bourbon Reds $3.99/lb

Mendota-Raised Crowd-Size Turkey $3.09/lb

HOKA Turkey $3.69/lb

Amish Brand Turkey $2.99/lb

Capon $4.69/lb


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