Beef & Hogs Custom Processed for You


Nothing beats homemade comfort food meals of oven roasted ham, pot roast or slow cooked soups/stews tastes good on these cold winter days. Or maybe it’s the smells and great taste of hearty breakfasts made with Country Village Meats hickory smoked bacon or sausages which you crave to get you through this winter.

Now is a great time to stock your freezer with a half hog or a quarter beef to support making all those delicious meals.  Country Village Meats will source you a locally raised hog or beef and butcher it into the cuts of meat you desire. 

From a half of hog, you can choose a variety of tasty cuts.

  • Bone-in or boneless chops, baby back ribs and tenderloin
  • Smoked ham or fresh ham roasts
  • Pork shoulder roasts and steaks
  • Smoked bacon or fresh side pork
  • Hocks for soup
  • Spareribs
  • Pork trim ground into sausage, brats, Italian/Polish sausage, etc.

From a quarter beef you can select from the following cuts.

  • Ribeye steaks
  • T-Bone steaks or boned out into NY strips & fillets
  • Sirloin steaks
  • Round steaks
  • Roasts (Chuck, Arm, Rump, and Round Tip)
  • Brisket
  • Flank & skirt steaks
  • Short ribs
  • Stew meat
  • Beef shanks (soup bones)
  • Hamburger

Call the shop at 815-849-5532 to order yours today.

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